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Access Statement

Sheriff Lodge is committed to the accessibility of its resources and services to all its guests with disabilities.

We will work with the users of our services and other service providers to provide reasonable accommodation where possible. If you have a question about the accessibility of any of our services or resources, please contact Kate & Alan

We are making as many changes as possible to Sheriff Lodge to enable us to cater for guests that suffer from disabilities.
The very nature and layout of house make it impossible for us to provide wheelchair access to anywhere else other than the ground floor (when we provide meeting, conference and celebration facilities).
This does not and has not stopped us from examining in detail just what changes and enhancements we can make to make everyone's visit as enjoyable as possible. Don't forget though - you need to let us know your needs - we can't do anything if we don't know in advance.

Sight Impairment
Our breakfast menu is in large print and we have all our guest information available in large print as well. Alan is currently working on ways to make this website available as audio files.

Hearing Impairment
Safety of our guests is of paramount importance to us and we are examining ways, and equipment, to assist us in raising the alarm, should we, God forbid, ever have a fire.
If you would like to hear this website read out through your speakers then click here to visit the Natural Voice Reader website where you can download a free text to speech reader that will read the text on these pages

Arthritis Sufferers
We have invested in sure grip cutlery to assist those that may have grip problems.

Mobility Impairment
We have fitted one of our bathrooms (The Dray) with a grabrail over the bath, a removable seat for use under the shower, and steps to assist in getting in and out of the bath.

Further Improvements
We are always on the lookout for innovations that can help in improving any aspect of Sheriff Lodge. If you have any ideas that could help us in this then please don't hesitate to call.

All the detail about Sheriff Lodge


This access statement is designed to give as much information as possible to those with disabilities to assess the suitability of Sheriff Lodge as a suitable destination. If you feel that there is further information could be included then please let us know and we will include it.

All doorways in Sheriff Lodge are of a standard width (80cm)


• All guests can access our website which has a link on its homepage to a Large Print version. In addition a link can be found to a website that will read the content of out loud.
• All guests are asked whether they have any special needs and whether they have any special dietary requirements. This is done via the telephone and through the use of e-mail.

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

• Our car park is off-road and the surface is limestone chippings. Access to the front door is via 4 steps which have a handrail and then two further steps on the approach to the door. The final small step is over the threshold into Sheriff Lodge. This access is illuminated from the bottom of the four steps to the front door by the use of low level lighting. Alternative access to the front door can be made via the gate into the garden accessed from Dimple Road. The surface from the gate is uneven sandstone. The gate is approximately 15 metres from the front door.

Main Entrance & Reception

• The main entrance door is protected by a porch and the access to the reception, once inside, is over smooth, solid, dark oak, wood flooring. The distance from the door to the reception is approximately 6 metres. There are no steps along this route.

Public Areas - General (Internal)

• The main public area - The Drawing Room - contains 5 tables, at which guests have their breakfast. These are configured in a restaurant style and have two chairs at each. The floor is covered in a maroon coloured carpet. In addition there is an area for guests to relax. This is situated at the left hand end of the Drawing Room and contains two sofas - one seating three and the other two. In addition there is a wing-backed armchair. Lighting in this room is from two large chandeliers, each with 6 bulbs. Alternative lighting is available from 5 table/standard lamps placed in the corners of the room. One of these lights has a directional spotlight placed over the back of the wing chair, which is useful for those with eyesight impairment, to aid reading. A breakfast is also provided in this room and the layout of it remains the same each day. Natural light floods the room from two floor-to-ceiling bay windows and four smaller ones.

Public Areas - WC

• Access to the toilets on the ground floor is only usually made by those using Sheriff Lodge for meetings etc. They can be accessed via the owners lounge. Access is down a single step (18cm), across the lounge, and up a second single step (18cm). There are two sets of toilets accessed in this way - a Ladies and Gents. The Ladies contains two standard flush toilets and the Gents contains one standard flush toilet and a urinal. The doorways are of a standard width (80cm).


• Each of the five rooms at Sheriff Lodge is accessed via a staircase.
• The first floor is reached by climbing 15 stairs, each of which is 18cm high. The Mousehole is the first room on the first floor and consists of twin beds that are seven feet long by three feet wide. In addition to the beds there is an armchair and a dining chair. The room is provided with a remote controlled colour television that has a remote controlled DVD player beneath it, which is also capable of playing CDs. There is also an alarm clock radio on one of the two bedside tables. In addition there is a dressing table with a mirror attached. This room has an en-suite shower cubicle, the floor of which is smooth light oak. The floor covering in the main part of the room is carpet. The facilities in this room are duplicated in The Loft (second floor). The only difference with The Loft room is that it contains a double bed. This bed is also seven feet long and has a foot board.
• The second room on the first floor in The Dray and contains the same facilities as The Mousehole but The Mousehole contains a bath rather than a shower cubicle.
• The second floor is accessed via 14 stairs which are each 20cm high. The second floor contains two rooms, The Loft and The Nest. Each of these has same facilities as The Mousehole.

Bathroom, Shower-room & WC [Ensuite]

• The Mousehole and The Loft rooms each contain an en-suite which has a light oak wooden floor. In addition they each contain a shower cubicle with PowerShower. Toiletries are contained in plunge containers in the shower cubicles and over the sinks. Towels are provided and are kept in the cupboard beneath each of the sinks in these rooms. There is a standard low-flush toilet in each. These are situated beneath frosted glass windows which also have wooden blinds over them.
• The Dray and The Nest have the same facilities apart from the provision of a bath rather than a shower cubicle. Each bath has a PowerShower over it and each has a grip handle on the wall over the bath.
• In addition we also provide (where required) a step to assist guests into the bath and a seat for guests to use in the shower.

Additional Information

• We also have sets of suregrip cutlery for those with grip problems. We also provide a large print menu for breakfast.

Contact Information

• Address: Sheriff Lodge
 Dimple Road
 DE4 3JX
• Telephone:  01629 760760
• Email:
• Website:
• Grid reference: SK 294 606
• Hours of operation: 0700hrs - 2200hrs
• Local carers: Doctor -  01629 583465
 Dentist -  01629 582218
 Vet -  01629 582844
• Local public transport numbers: Trent Barton Buses - 01773 712265
 Hulleys Buses -  01246 582246
 East Midlands Trains -  08457 125 678
• Local accessible taxi numbers: J&B Taxis -  01629 584195

We welcome your feedback to help us continuously improve if you have any comments please phone    01629 760760          or email   

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